Stuck in Beacon Management Hell?

Why install dumb, stand-alone beacons when you can reduce your total cost of ownership, improve security, protect your investment, and allow your customers to communicate even in areas without Wi-Fi or cell coverage?

Beaconix supports:

  • 2way
  • ibeacon
  • eddystone
Beaconix Controller

Beaconix Smart Beacons™ are interconnected wirelessly using Bluetooth Smart Mesh. A single Beaconix Controller™ connects a large group of Smart Beacons to the Cloud. Each Smart Beacon is independently-­controlled and supports:

  • Apple’s iBeacon™ protocol
  • Google’s Eddystone™ protocol
  • Beaconix 2WAY™ smartphone communications
  • Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and other BLE asset tracking applications

Need to upgrade your beacons to support a new protocol?

Don’t dispatch a fleet of technicians to replace or update your remote beacons: with Beaconix, all your beacons, world-­wide, can be updated at once at the push of a button.

A security risk has been identified?

Fix it at the push of a button.

Your premises suffer from bad wireless internet connectivity?

Beaconix uses Bluetooth Smart Mesh networks to connect smartphones in proximity: sending and receiving!


Remote Firmware updates

  • Beaconix Smart Beacons dramatically reduce total cost of ownership by making it unnecessary to dispatch technicians to thousands of locations.

Real time update and programming

  • Beaconix Smart Beacons can be instantly configured from the cloud to change the content they transmit; this is particularly important for beacon networks made available to third-party applications.

Bidirectional communications

  • Beaconix Smart Beacons can relay information bidirectionally between a smartphone and the cloud, allowing retailers to engage customers even if their stores suffer from a bad Internet connectivity

Active tracking

  • Beaconix Smart Beacons use BLE to track assets in their proximity, opening the door to previously unthinkable applications.

Sophisticated security measures

  • Beaconix Smart Beacons benefit from cloud connectivity to implement the most advanced security methods.

Beaconix’s sophisticated, yet easy to use cloud-­based beacon management system allows you to control multiple mesh networks (typically one per location) from a single console. Beaconix offers Bluetooth LE beacons in two main configurations: A/C powered and battery powered.

Based in Silicon Valley, and led by experts in networking and mobile technologies, Beaconix offers the best and most cost-­effective beacons available worldwide.

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